Episode 9: Thriving Outside the Matrix

Episode 9: Thriving Outside the Matrix

Protect Health Freedom in Massachusetts! 
There are so many, but these are the ones we most consistently follow. They spoke out early, got smeared, censored, deplatformed, license threatened, lost jobs, etc. They have podcasts, substacks, and social media accounts, mostly on X. Please support them.

Dr Peter McCullough
  • internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist
  • most published author in his field - over 1000 publications and over 685 citations
  • Noticed establishment not offering early treatment, which has never been done before, so he went to work finding effective early treatments. Published:
  • "Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection” - the first widely utilized treatment regimen for ambulatory patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 in the American Journal of Medicine
  • Testified extensively to government about early treatment and then the dangers of the so called covid vaccines.
  • petermcculloughmd.com
  • www.americaoutloud.news/author/dr-peter-mccullough/
    Dr Pierre Kory
    • DrPierreKory.com
    • Book - The War on Ivermectin
    • ICU doctor that also developed life saving early treatment protocols
    • before covid pioneered vitamin C IV for septic shock
    • Founding member of the FLCCC Alliance and co-author of the MATH+ and I-MASK+ Prophylaxis and Treatment Protocols for COVID-19
    • Ivermectin expert - deep in the research, observational, experimental, anecdotal - all of it pointed to ivermectin being incredibly effective for preventing and treating covid.
    • Note that yes ivermectin most used for parasites, but all meds have multiple mechanisms of action - and ivermectin has anti viral action, very effective for covid
    • also testified extensively to government panels.  
      Dr Tess Lawrie! 
      • also spoke out about ivermectin
      • Her peer-reviewed publications have received in excess of 4000 citations and her ResearchGate score is among the top 5% of ResearchGate members.
      • esteemed cochrane collaboration researcher - conducted promising rapid review on ivermectin
      • her collaborator Andy Hill reported the 75% reduction in mortality and other glowing measures in his meta analysis for the WHO, but his conclusion was that more research necessary
      • See her letter to Andy Hill and zoom recording of their conversation on her substack. Note can start at 3:19 to see the damming conversation.
      • drtesslawrie.substack.com
        Dr Jay Bhattacharya
        • one of the "fringe epidemiologists" that fauci and collins attempted to do a devastating takedown of
        • Professor of medicine and epidemiology at Stanford
        • Co author of The Great Barrington Declaration with Dr Kulldorf from Harvard and Dr Gupta from Oxford
        • Illusion of Consensus substack, podcast, website with great interviews https://www.illusionconsensus.com/
        • eloquent critic of the botched pandemic response
        • QUOTE: The illusion of scientific consensus throughout the COVID-19 pandemic led to disastrous policies.
          Dr William Makis
          • makismd.substack.com
          • Shares a tons of stories and rounds people who died suddenly after taking the liability free pharmaceutical gene product known as covid19.
          • A Canadian doctor with a unique perspective on COVID-19, Vaccines, and medical ethics.
          • expertise in oncology and immunology
          • writes a lot about ivermectin for covid but also for cancer, including the turbo cancers the mrna shots cause
          • 15 anti cancer mechanisms of action of ivermectin!
          • exposes the corruption of health Canada - involving Justin Trudeau of course
          • Substack is paid but you can also follow on social media.
            Dr Toby Rogers
            • PhD and MPP (Master in Public Policy)
            • Fellow at Brownstone Institute
            • Substack - uTobian
            • Quote: "Stopping the iatrogenocide is the defining issue of our era."
            • Quote: "This is the weirdest era in human history. By far. Nothing else even comes close. Billionaires trying to kill everyone. Civil society unable to form a coherent thought. Institutions lie in smoldering ruins. Poisons handed out like candy. We are Neanderthals with iPhones."
            We the People 50! Amazing group of medical doctors, scientists and other experts in related fields working to the recall the shots and willing to speak to your lawmakers and public health officials. What them in action give a presentation to Massachusetts legislature, public health officials and the public.
              BEST SUBSTACKS! 
              • In addition to the substacks by the Doctors already mentioned, one we must tell you about is Coffee and Covid by brilliant attorney Jeff Childers. Hilarious, unique, informative, puts a smile on your face the whole day. Sometimes the best weapon we have is humorous ridicule. He does that masterfully!
              • John Beaudoin Sr, is a Massachusetts resident, electrical engineer John Beaudoin FOIA'd (freedom of info act) all Massachusetts Death Certificates from 2015 to date. He’s done a deep dive researching causes of death cross referencing his data with the VAERs system. John has been presenting his data around the country and written a new set of books “The Real Cdc” Covid facts for regular people the CDC memorandum. His substack is Coquin de Chien. John Beaudoin Presentation: Lessons Learned from Covid Deaths in Massachusetts A Discussion of the Data Video 
                More info and order John's books: https://therealcdc.com/


              Brownstone Institute Brownstone.org
              • Brownstone Institute for Social and Economic Research is a nonprofit organization conceptualized in May 2021. 
              • This vision is that of the Enlightenment which elevates learning, science, progress, and universal rights to the forefront of public life, and is newly threatened by ideologies and systems that would take the world back prior to the triumph of the ideal of freedom
              • VOCAB WORD OF THE DAY (from Brownstone article) hegemony - Domination, influence, or authority over another, especially by one political group over a society.
              Prager U PragerU.com
              • Fighter for America, Freedom, Truth
              • Short video clips from top experts that explain what is happening in our world through a historical, political, economic lens.
              • Conservative viewpoints - factual and logical
              Follow the Mask Science followthemaskscience.com
              Lisa created this video during mask mandates as a way to share all of the science that shows that masks don't work and how harmful they are
              Debunks many flawed articles that the establishment promoted to convince the public that masks work, even National Academy of Sciences. Shouldn't be this hard for ME to find so many flaws in their work.
              Over 150 medical references - especially the META ANALYSES - top tier of medical evidence
              • Plandemic Series
              • The Big Reset Movie
              • Generation Zapped
              • Medicating Normal - understand what is happening in mental health treatment and why. Won a ton of awards.
              • Anecdotals - A compassionate exploration of the nuanced vaccine debate. While the vaccine debate grows more divided, those with adverse reactions get stuck in the middle.
              • Unseen Crisis - EpochTV vaccine injuries
              • Vaxxed - created pre covid by Emmy award winning producer of The Doctors (Del Bigtree of The Highwire), compelling medical, expert, and parental evidence of vaccine injury
              • Monopoly: Who owns the World
              • Noncompliant Movie - Constitutional Attorney KrisAnne Hall. KrisAnne is now the president of Liberty First Society and travels the country teaching the foundational principles of Liberty and our Constitutional Republic.
              • The Dimming - Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary (Geoengineering Watch )
              • Common Ground Kiss the Ground aims to rally the transition of 100M acres of US land to regenerative by tripling the reach and impact of our first film.
                For list of showings around country, click here.
                For our local friends, here are upcoming showings in New England:
                April 15 Newport RI
                April 18 Williamstown MA
                April 21 Lowell MA
                April 22 Wellfleet MA

                Film and Video
                • Dopesick on Hulu - series of how Purdue Pharma (Sackler family) with the FDA distorted the science behind opioids and ruined millions of lives because so addictive. Shows the corruption in pharmaceutical industry.
                • The Matrix - AI has taken over the world, humans are used as energy sources and imprisoned in a coma in pods of water, dreaming and thinking their dreams are reality. Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus) offers Keanu Reeves (Neo) the "red pill or the blue pill" to either wake up and fight the system or go back to sleep and be a slave. Is this where "red pilled" came from? GREAT movie, classic. Lisa's son hates all her old favorites (because they're antiquated) but loved this one.
                • 1984 - based on George Orwell's book about dystopian future where Big Brother controls and watches your every move. Parallels with covid. Ministry of Truth ("fact check" and Biden's ministry of truth), compliance, no rights, no privacy, Big Brother declared who the enemies were (unvaccinated), War is Peace, Truth is Lies... (Everything seemed upside down, even inversion of political parties.) Belief in government was the only belief allowed (we had to trust THE science, and anyone who questioned was the enemy). Vaccine passports - makes me so mad to even think of this, and they're still investing in that technology by the way. That isn't over. Vaccine passports are part of Big Brother tracking, tracing, ensuring compliance. Like communist China.
                  GOVERNMENT HEARINGS

                  In January 2021, Reuters reported on the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer global survey, which found that:
                  57% of people believe government leaders, business chiefs and journalists are spreading falsehoods or exaggerations. Trust in governments, business chiefs and media is crumbling amid a perceived mis-handling by leaders of the coronavirus pandemic and a widespread feeling among ordinary citizens that they are being misled.
                  So we turn to...
                  • Epoch Times, Epoch TV
                  • The Highwire
                  • Boston Broadside - a common-sense newspaper which seeks to let the other side be heard: the voices of those who the typical extremist liberal Media ignores. The Boston Broadside aims to point the cannons of liberty (FREE SPEECH) at those who would deny us of our basic founding freedoms. Our goal is to give a voice to the voiceless, and shine light into dark corners of government, relentlessly.
                  • CHD.TV - vaccines, fluoride, climate, autism, EMF, WHO power grab, bodily autonomy - things negatively affecting your health and how the government tries to cover it all up, stifle your speech, and force it on you

                    Covid-19 Vaccine Expert Panel Briefing to the Massachusetts Legislature and Public Health Officials
                    Health Rights MA Best Get Informed Videos
                    MA 4 Safe Technology - if missed episode - go back and watch it!
                    Moms for Liberty (accountability of leaders, promote limited role of govt, fight overreach, promote principles of liberty, engage communities in key issues, inspire like minded to run for office) - Has local chapters (page coming soon)

                    Right To Refuse Project - Right to Refuse legislation may include the right to decline government and corporate recommended health measures and treatments including testing, tracking, medical treatments, immunizations, and other recommended countermeasures. Right to Refuse is here to help state organizations and leaders navigate the legislative process.
                    Health Freedom Defense fund - We work to educate and advocate for these foundational principles to a free society and we defend them in the courts when necessary.
                    National Health Federation - Established in 1955, the oldest health freedom organization on the planet
                    Organic Consumers Association - Mission To protect and advocate for consumers’ right to safe, healthful food and other consumer products, a just food and farming system and an environment rich in biodiversity and free of pollutants.
                    Mises - economics and liberty
                    Geoengineering Watch - chemtrails, laws being passed in several states now prohibiting it - Tennessee
                    Moms for Liberty (accountability of leaders, promote limited role of govt, fight overreach, promote principles of liberty, engage communities in key issues, inspire like minded to run for office)

                    Medical Share Plan, learn how to upgrade from choice-limiting, adversarial and expensive ObamaCare, to choice-unlimited, compassionate and affordable sharing. 

                    My Health Forward Regenerative Farming FIND FARM MAP: https://linktr.ee/myhealthforward, follow in Instagram too https://www.instagram.com/myhealthforward
                    Krisanne from Walnut Lane Farm Health Freedom Loving Business Spotlight 
                    Wilderness Long Term Survival Guide - I just bought this - different types of fires and structures, plants you can eat with color pictures, how to make tools in the wild, etc
                    Paula and Mike to call in about garden?

                    FLCCC.net - can also find provider and pharmacy to get early treatment
                    Protocol Kills - if you lost a loved due to hospital procotols

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