Epiosode 18: The Centralization of Thought with John Beaudoin Sr

Epiosode 18: The Centralization of Thought with John Beaudoin Sr

Guest: John Beaudoin Sr, Author of  The Real CdC &  THE CDC MEMORANDUM https://therealcdc.com/

His first book The Real CdC Covid fact for regular people lays out the evidence of fraud committed by the (MA??) state health department. It shows how Covid-19 deaths were over-counted and how “vaccine" deaths were hidden. 

THE CDC MEMORANDUM is Notice of Criminal Liability to the directors of the CDC, FDA, NIH, and state government officials. Thousands in Massachusetts died from something introduced in 2021; and it was not Covid-19. These facts and more are proven beyond reasonable doubt in The Real CdC & THE CDC MEMORANDUM.

Order your copies here: https://therealcdc.com/

Health Freedom News of the Week: 

The BMJ researchers acknowledged the serious adverse events and deaths that have been reported in vaccine tracking systems throughout the western world - many of which impact the cardiovascular system - like stroke, those massive clots, and mycarditis especially in young people. These reports are the tip of the iceberg because it's known that only 1-10% of adverse events are actually reported.

The researchers wrote, “Excess mortality has remained high in the Western World for three consecutive years, despite the implementation of COVID-19 containment measures and COVID-19 vaccines. This is unprecedented and raises serious concerns," and “Government leaders and policymakers need to thoroughly investigate underlying causes of persistent excess mortality and evaluate their health crisis policies.”




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